Monday, February 17, 2014

Just Stayin Fresh

This week has been very interesting. I had a couple anxiety attacks, which happened to be the first couple i have ever had.... but my companion gave me a blessing that i asked for and i am doing a lot better and i feel a little less stressed out. Dont ask me when I have had anxiety because i dont really know! ALL IS WELL:) We had a conference with Elder Ochoa of the 70 on friday. It was super cool, and a lot more personally than the one with Elder Cook because it was just a couple zones of missionaries in the mission on Friday. We talked a lot about the faith we need to repent. He basically ripped our faces off when it comes to repentance and faith, and it was amazing. One thing that i loved that he said was.... "WHO DO YOU OBEY?" it is a question we can ask our investigators when they dont want to do something like get married. "Who do you obey when you decide to remain together, but not get married?"

Eswin is doing great. He is a super strong convert, and is loving the church. His favorite thing ever is institute. Even though he is too old to get credit, he goes as a listener, and participates. We are now working with his family, but they are definitely not as acceptive as he is.

We are working hard with Ricardo. He knows the church is true. I dont know exactly why he doesnt want to get married, he is just scared. We are being a lot more firm and direct in the lessons with him, and we are working towards the 1st of March still.

We have been finding some cool families, and have some investigatores that have been going to church for the last couple weeks. Daniel, who is dating a member. Also Selena, who is good friends with a youth in the ward. Please pray for them, because they both want to be baptized, just arent commiting completly to what we are teaching them!

Thanks for all the prayers. Elder Morillo and I will be remaining as comps for the next 6 weeks. We get along really well, and work well together. Pray for us. We need that extra boost:)

Love you all so much. Oh and quick update.
My first convert Hermano Salvador is now officially living in El Salvador. And one of his grandsons got baptized a couple of months ago. I forgot to tell you all.

Also the 18 yr-old investigator in Monjas, EDUARDO. He got baptized on friday with Elder White and his companion Elder Castro. So if you want to see pictures of the baptism, stalk Elder Whites blog. He doesnt know that I know. It was supposed to be a secret until he sends me a photo, BUT i have sources:)

Love you all. Mom and Dad stay safe on the cruise, and if you want to buy fruit while you are in Honduras or Belice, make wise choices.

Love you all so much!!! Take care, and thank you for the prayers and support.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

ps. read St John 18:37. HE CAME TO ATONE FOR US.
At the temple

Enjoying PDay

Elder Walton's Zone in their Jerseys

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Service on Service on Service

Besides the fact that we walk allday in the hot sun, we have been doing a lot of service, AKA I am exhausted. Anyways the reason why we are writing today is because today is Pday. We are at the temple right now in the Family History center, and we are going to do a session at 11.

Anyways this week was good, longer than normal.;) We have been working so much I am kind of losing track of what we have done...

We finally helped move Ricardo and his family. They still live with the ward which is great. We are working hard with them, and planning on the wedding to be the 1st of March. Lets just say Satan is working SUPER hard on them. Today the family seems to not mean anything to the world, and Satan is working super hard to keep it that way. Perhaps for lack of better terms, i gotta say, Satan is pretty clever when it comes to stop the progress of missionary work. BUT, we all know bad guys finish last.

Lately i have been studying a bunch about the gathering of the Lost Tribes of Isreal, and the resurrection. The gospel and the church makes more and more sense when you study doctrine like this. It all flows and meshes together and i feel my testimony growing stronger everyday.

I wish i had some cool experiences to tell you today, but really, not too much happened this week.

Changes are this weekend so we will have to see if i am going to stay with Elder Morillo for one change more, or no. I really hope so, but only The Lord knows...

Love you all. Remember that the missionary work goes NOWHERE with out the members. AKA go help the missionaries. Go talk with the less actives. Go do you home teaching, and visiting.

Elder nathan russell walton

For those of us that were missing pictures of Nate pointing at things.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

FAST... and I Mean Fast

This week went pretty well. We started off the week with a vist to a waterfall on monday with a member in our ward! I have some dope pictures, but the problem is that my computer is chafa and so i cant plug in my USB. So maybe i will send them next week!

We did a bunch of Splits this week, so i have the opportunity to work some other missionaries. There is a Elder from my district in the CCM in my district AGAIN, and so he came to my area this week and we got to work together. It was super fun and fun to see how much we have progressed as missionaries.

We have been working a bunch with the less actives and inactives lately, and we brought up the assitence to 187 this week! (ignore the fact that there was a baby blessing;))
The less actives are so fun to work with, because you would be surprised how much they dont know, or have forgotten. We are helping two or three families work to get to the temple! So pray for the ward please:)

SO the crazy story for this week.... we got to FAST this weekend, obviously, but it was crazy. We have been fasting for our investigator Ricardo and his family... like i previously said, they are getting kicked out of the house. On Saturday night we went to visit them and Ricardo was crying because they had decided that they were going to move to an apartment out of the ward boundaries... and it was so sad. We have worked so hard with them, but The Lord has had a different plan for them. BUT, we were fasting that they would be able to do that which the Lord wants for them, so Saturday we went home calm and understanding. Sunday morning Ricardo called us and said that the other house has already been rented out, and that they arent moving yet. We kept fasting, and yesterday when we broke the Fast, we went and stopped by a members house who is working with Ricardo with us. We went and stopped by and the Wife had just gotten back from looking at an apartment that she LOVED, but on her walk home the lady called her and said that someone who previously looked at the aptment was going to by it.
SO they were super frustrated... BUT the member told the wife of Ricardo to have faith, and call the lady back. LONG STORY SHORT. They got the aptment, and it is one block from our house. They are still in the ward, and super happy. FASTING WORKS. Why? Because The Lord keeps his promises. I dont know what to say besides that fact that I know that God is watching over the missionary work, and that whatever He wants, is what is right.

Alma 30:44. God exists, and created the world. We have evidence that He exists all around us. I have had some interesting conversations with athiests and anti-mormons these last couple week. Including one with a canadian that doesnt speak spanish... long story. I definitly have had some trials of faith, but I know with out a doubt in my mind that we have a Father in Heaven, and that He protects us. And i have the priveldge to preach it everyday allday.

Love you all! Thank you for your prayers and fasting. You have helped the mission work here so much.

Love, Elder nathan russell walton