Monday, November 24, 2014

Another Week in November

There isnt much I can say besides the fact that I know that God answers prayers and that He can change people, and their lives.

In many of my emails I have mentioned Victor and Patricia. I am just going to share their story again.

In our second week here in Jerusalen, Stuart and I asked some members where some inactives or less actives lived so that we could get to know the area better. A member named Sandy told us to go look for Victor, a less active who lives by the catholic church who had just gotten in a motorcycle accident. She told us that the lady he lives with, Patricia, isnt a member and many missionaries have tried...
We clicked super quickly with Victor, and he said that the accident made him realize that they need God in their life again. While he was recovering from the accident we went often to go visit him, and he started going to church every week. We only met Patricia once, and she was super mean to us, in other words, not interested AT ALL. She was super evangelic, and had no desire to go to the mormon church.

After many prayers we finally got the opportunity to get to know her by doing some service with them. That Sunday she went to church, and I believe I told you about how big of a step that was... well little by little we have been able to help them. We cant visit them much because Victor started worrking again and doesnt get home til 8 or 830ish... so mainly we teach her on the weekend.

Patricia has now gone to church 4 times, she went to the activity we had on Saturday, and she has decided that she wants to get baptized.... On December 6th they will be married and she will be baptized!
I cant even express the emotions I felt and feel when I think of how much they have changed. When she told us on Wednesday that she wanted to get baptized, all three of us were in awe, including her husband.
The Lord truly does miracles, and after all the hard work Elder Stuart and I have done in this area, we are going to be able to watch this couple get married and baptized, something I honestly would never have thought would happen when I first met Patricia. Thank you for all your prayers, and continue to pray for them.

On Saturday we had a great activity in the chapel. It was an "open house" and many members brought their friends to come see the inside of the chapel. Each organization set up a small presentation in their classroom and we did a mini tour. It was such a great turnout! There were more investigators than members present! 2 people that went to the activity and got to know the church for the first time, went to sacrement meeting yesterday with us! Such a blessing, missionary work is so much easier when the members get invovled. After the tour we had a great pick up soccer game, and many investigators and less actives played and really enjoyed it. It was such a great atmosphere!

I know this church is true, and I know that by the power of the Holy Ghost, ye may know the truth of all things.

Hope you have an amazing week and thanksgiving!!

Love elder nathan russell walton

Monday, November 17, 2014


Time keeps flying like it always does in the mission.

This was a good week, and as always, seeing many miracles and blessings here in our area.

The week started off good, we did splits with the ZLs and I went to Elder Kundes area (future roomate at BYU). We had a good day and finished the day off with a huge dinner (yes, we do cook).
Ill attach pics.

On Wednesday I hit 17 months, I never thought these days would come... but they do, time is going too fast. Sadly we all had to go and get flu shots this day, so that wasnt a very fun celebration.

I dont have much to say this week, I guess I am running out of things to talk about. Basically we are setting goals, making plans, and working. We are talking with everyone we see and we are meeting lots of new people to teach. Sadly, some people just cant comprehend the message we share because of their lack of education. We try to teach simple so that they can feel the spirit though.

Some of the hightlights these week:
Yesterday we got a bunch of investigators to church. One came with her father named Jose Pedro, an inactive that hadnt gone to church for more than 20 years. Nothing like finding the lost sheep eh? He enjoyed sacrament meeting and is planning on coming again next week with his daughter and granddaughter.

Carlos, now that he has the priesthood, blessed the sacrement yesterday for the first time. It is so great to watch converts completely be "converted" and grow in the gospel... Carlos is doing great!!

Yesterday after church we dedicated most of the day to visiting less actives and the recent converts who seem to be struggling. We talked a lot about obedience and the commandments. We cannot receive blessings if we do not live according to the gospel. We shared John 14:15 many times yesterday. Such a simple scripture, yet it gets its point across.
"si me amais, guardad mis mandamientos."
"If ye love me, keep my commandments."
I believe our Savior was pretty sincere when he said these words.

Victor and his wife Patricia are still progressing. Victor is completly reactived now, he stopped smoking and drinking, and goes to church every Sunday now. Patricia has now gone to church three times and really likes the gospel, she is still hesitant though when it comes to making decisions. They both want to get married, so the wedding should be soon. We just need to help her commit to baptism... she still feels bad about being "rebaptized" but we read Acts 19:1-6 with her, and I feel like she understands why she would need to be baptized again.

Love you all, thank you for all your prayers, and hope you have an amazing week!

Love, elder nathan russell walton

Just Go To Church

Back in the day, in the 8th grade, used to walk home eeryday in the rain.
(Not true, and this had nothing to do with my email.)

So this week went well! Last monday we played soccer at 545 and then bball in the afternoon, and we are doing the same today. It has been fun to play sports again, and there isnt much we can do on mondays so might aswell hit the pavement and break a sweat.

This week we found some more less-actives... more like inactives, but I am just trying to be courtieous. While we were knocking doors I met a lady who told me how her whole family are members, and that when they moved to the cap from Peten they went inactive a long time ago. She was about to get baptized, but then they move. They are planning to go to church with us on Sunday so hopefully we can reactive the family and help her be baptized. Nothing like finding long lost sheep.

On Friday the district came to my area to help us out in a service project. We help cut weeds down in a small park and I got lots of blisters... but it was worth it. Service is always a good thing, and although it usually goes unnoticed, it is the best way to meet people.

So we are teaching lots of people and finding more everyday, but the biggest struggle we are having is getting people to church on Sunday. Just go to church!
Victor and his wife patricia came to church again and she is a lot more receptive.. we are working hard to help them get married and her baptized.

Marleni, the single mother i mentioned a couple weeks ago, has a baptismal date for the 30th. Please pray for her so that she can attend church with us.

Yesterday Carlos Galca received the aaronic priesthood and he is so happy and faithful to the gospel. After he received it, he wheeled around in his chair and shook everyone in the rooms hand and said "Now I am apart of another family."
Although I havent had many converts in the mission, I know that the few that I have had are truly converted to the gospel. I am thankful to be here and continue to look for the chosen children of God that are truly prepared to receive and accept this restored gospel.

Love, Elder Nathan Russell Walton

Monday, November 3, 2014


Hey guys, good to hear that all is going well back home! I bet it is getting pretty dang cold back in good ole utah... here the weather just did a full 360; it stopped raining, and now is super windy and super cold at night. It will be like this for the next two months I imagine.

So this week went good. We are working hard and Victor`s wife, Patricia, is doing great and it super receptive.

We have had a rough last couple of days but ups and downs are so common in the mission, I cant complain. "Onward ever onward my brethern."

Last week there were some changes in the zone. We got a new Zone Leader, and there are two new missionaries here in Jerusalen with us. I guess i always forget to talk about the other missionaires. In almost every ward or branch there are two companionships. Our branch boundaries are divided in half, so they work in their half, and us in ours. We always try to do branch activities together and we help each other out. The other two are reopening the area just like Stuart and I did. One is from Honduras, and the other is from Mexico.

We are working hard here in our area, and seeing many fruits in the work.

Many are asking me how Halloween/dia de los muertos was..... no one celebrates halloween here. The first of November is when everyone heads to the cemetary to worship the dead... no joke... luckily the cemetary isnt in our area though... so we didnt see anything too crazy.

Well sorry this email is shorter than normal... it wasnt too exciting of a week. We are working hard and are finding many who are interested in hearing about the restoration.

Love you all and have an amazing week!

elder nathan russell walton