Monday, December 30, 2013

Almost 2014!

I am happy and thankful that i will be able to spend the whole year of 2014 in the mission field doing The Lord´s work.

This week was definitely an interesting one... lots of meetings and traveling to and from Jalapa to Monjas. Thanks for skypeing me fam! It was so great and so nice to talk with you:) I hope you enjoyed it, and sorry for crying at the end.. i dont know where that exactly came from.

Christmas eve is the main celebration day here in Guate.... we were able to visit a couple members who invited us over for dinner, and it was pretty fun. EVERYONE makes tamales for xmas, and drinks ponche. After visiting with the members Elder White and I went and delivered some gifts that we secretly made, and it was so hard to ditch on a doorstep without anyone noticing the two gringos. We were allowed to stay out til 12, and xmas is crazy here. EVERYONE lights fireworks at midnight for twenty minutes straight and it was crazy... we just watched them in all directions from our patio, it was pretty cool... lots of smoke. The next day the streets were absolutely covered with firework ash and burnt paper... it is so ridiculous.

XMAS wasnt too exciting of a day because no one wanted anything... so we just sort of wandered the streets talking with people. I felt as if life was in slo-mo.... the streets were basically evacuated and empty.

I sadly got hit with the flu this week... so that is always fun, but i am doing well!

On Saturday we went with the branch and our investigators to Jalapa to see a baptism. Fma Perez didnt really want to go... i dont know exaclty why, but we finally were able to convince them to go, and they loved it and the spirit that was there. Also the family Castro (owners of bar) came as well, they are such a great family.... we just arent able to get them to church yet. We are working hard and i know that The Spirit is working with them.

I probably will be leaving Monjas next Tuesday, so we have been trying to help fma Perez that they are ready to be baptized... and they are SO close! I think tonight we will be doing a Family Home Evening with them and a few members, so pray for them, and that the Spirit is with us, so they agree to baptism tonight!

Church was decent yesterday, even though we got a lousey 33 people there. Elder White and I both gave talks... I spoke on Charity and the pure love of Christ. The Branch Pres told me to choose the topic, and little did i know that that was the topic for Sunday School too. So my talk was aplicable in the second hour of church. I talked about how Christ loves us so much, that he literally suffered EVERYTHING we have gone thru, and are going to go through as well. He loves us and knows us perfectly. Alma 7:11-13 is an amazing scripture about our Saviors atoning sacrifice.

Thank you for all the xmas wishes and love. I love you all so much and miss you! Hope you have a great new year! Set goals for 2014, and keep them. My new years resolution is... I havent decided yet... next week i will tell you. ;)

love you all,
elder nathan russell walton

Monday, December 23, 2013


So this last week went by SUPER fast. I am going to write a short email because i need to reply to lots of people today, plus i get to chat with you fam on Wednesday. We are planning on SKYPEing you at 2 in the afternoon, but i will probably call you xmas morning just to let you know when we will skype because things arent official yet. Glad you all made it safe down to ST GEORGE and tell GR i say hi and all:) This week was pretty good and went by super fast!

Eduardo and his family are doing so good. They are planning on being baptized on the 4th of January right before i most likely leave Monjas. They already feel like they are members, and they go to church and all the activities. Pray for the familia PEREZ.

We decided to change up our way of work this week and we taught a bunch of lessons. Lots of doors got opened to us and we found a couple cool families.

That familia that i mentioned about last week, those who have a bar, are AMAZING. We taught them twice this week and they are so willing to learn, and they are planning on changing their bar to a store pretty soon, because they know and realized they our hurting the lives of their brothers. The only problem with this family is they dont like going to church, so no, they didnt come yesterday... BUT please pray for their wife CARLA, she is the one holding them back with the church attending:)

We finally got a family to church yesterday, and explained the importance. The wife Maria Jose has had bad experiences in the churches and for that reason they havent come, but they came yesterday! and they loved it:) Pray for FAMILIA VALENZUELA. (good luck pronouncing that mom).

We got a solid 44 at church yesterday again, even with strong members on vacation. Monjas and the branch is growing so well and solidly. I am really happy with the work right now, and i fell the spirit guiding us more and more everyday.

So that is all i have to say this week. Hope you all traveled, or travel safe this week! Love you and and read ALMA 8, because if it wasnt for Amulek, alma the younger wouldnt of had his success ba?

Love you all and MERRRRRRY CHRISTMAS! cant wait to talk with you Mom, Dad, Court, Sean, and GR!

love, elder nathan russell walton

Monday, December 16, 2013

It Doesn't Feel Like December

Sometimes it never feels like time changes... because the weather is always the same. Maybe that is why time is going so fast. I completed 6 months in the mission on Thursday, and i cant believe i am a quarter of the way through... it is kinda sad.

This week was interesting... we had some cool activities. A ward from Jalapa came with their youth and did a mini mission in Monjas. They loved it, and i worked them pretty hard. We encountered some crazy people though, and they just ripped on the church the whole time. I feel bad that the youth had to experience that, but i know it just made them realize that they need to find their own testimony, and how blessed they are to be members of this church. They were all super nervous to contact people, but i did the first few and showed them how. Then we went and started knocking doors, and i made them do it. After the first bad contact, they got rid of the nerves and the Spirit took over and they had the desire to contact everyone. The 3 youth i was with started knocking doors on their own, and I was so blessed and humbled to see that.

We also had an xmas branch activity, which turned out way good, because we planned terribly. I think 50+ people came which is crazy. Our church attendence is sky-rocketing too because we have pulled 40s for almost 4 weeks now. I am happy with the branch and where it is at, but our investigators are doing their part...

We found some solid families this week. I had the impression to contact in a certain part of town, and ended finding a family chillin on a curb and resting. I went up and starting talking with them, and they invitied me to sit. Later my comp came over, and we got to know them a bit. They are super willing to learn, and a great family. The only problem is that they own a bar.... so we will see how this goes! They are great, and i know the Spirit guided us to their porch.

Eduardo didnt get baptized on Saturday. We are still working with him and his family. He has come to church 6 times and his fam has come twice. They are so prepared, just the word baptism scares them. We are working towards this Saturday or the next with Eduardo, he just needs to recognize the answer that i know he has already received.

It was a decent week, and i am thankful for all your prayers. Remember to help those in need, and go find the less actives in our ward!!! I wish i knew then, what i know now. I never wouldve gone to church without going and knocking on the door of a less active family. Go and DO IT. Members are now responsible for the ward, not just the missionaries. We are all called by God. Love you all and have a great xmas season. It is soon to be here. Cant wait to talk with you fam on the 25th!

Love, elder nathan russell walton

Monday, December 9, 2013

Xmas is Coming

This has a been a very interesting week. It started off on Monday night with a really good investigator family telling us that they wont be coming to church anymore because they dont believe in polygamy. We explained the whole story and that we dont practice polygamy, butttt they wouldnt budge. They saw a program online i guess, and that they dont believe in that kind of stuff. I was super disappointing, but i was comforted that we are doing our job, and sometimes Satan is able to get the weak. It was just comforting to know that we werent the reason for them not joining the church, we did our part.

This week we had our zone conference for xmas, and it was great. It was a multizone conference and us (jalapa) joined with cuilapa and got to hear from Presidente Stay. The coolest part is that Elder Soriano AND Elder Tingey both happened to be in the Cuilapa zona, so i got to see all my companions. I took a photo of us all together, so i will be sure to send it:) During the conference was watched that new movie "Ephraims Rescue" and is was amazing. The saints suffered and gave up everything for the church. I know that the first saints must be the strongest out of ALL the children of God. One quote that i loved from the movie is, "You got to lose life to find it".  I think we can apply and interpret that however we want, and it just hit me really hard.

We had an activity in Monjas on Thursday, and a inactive family that we found came and they loved it. my comp and elder Buckley visited them on Friday and they are such a great family (we were doing splits, i was in jalapa). On Saturday we passed by and invited them to a baptism that the sisters in Monjas had (the convert is a niece of a member, and basically converted herself just by going to church, missionaries hardly met with her). On Satuday that inactive family showed up to go to the baptism in Jalapa, and there was 10 of them because they brought their kids who live away in a small pueblo. SO CRAZY. They loved it, and hopefully they can start coming to church again.

So we have been meeting with Eduardo (18 yrold) a lot lately, and with his family too. He finally feels ready for baptism, is preparing to be baptized this next saturday. PLEASE pray for him, and he preparation. He is an amazing kid, and is so humble. We just need to make sure he can get to that font before Satan pulls out his special tricks. PLEASE PRAY.

The xmas devotional last night was amazing, and it just love how amazing the xmas spirit is. It is 100% completely different here in Monjas, but I am trying to enjoy the culture difference:) One quote that i loved from last night was, "He prayed for inspiration, and prayed AGAIN."

Thank you all for your prayers and love. The mission is great and we are working hard. The Lord is definitely blessing us a lot lately, and I never have had so much patience in my life. I love and miss you all, and hope you are enjoying the holiday season. LOVE YOU.

elder nathan russell walton

Monday, December 2, 2013


So this week has been really weird. It is SUPER cold here in Monjas... and I dont know what happened. Me and Elder White wore long-sleeve shirts all week, and when i got dark we put on jackets. With the changes, the unsuccessful work, and the bad weather; we had a really bad week. We tried super hard to work it out, and shake off the bagginess, and eventually through our faith, and hope, we ended with a good sunday. I have never had such a bad week in the mission, but I am not going to complain all email. I just want to share a couple experiences or cool stories this email, that might not have to do with the week completely.

First of all, family, I opened the Xmas package because i couldnt wait. Thanks for all the candy, and food, and hopefully I am not too lazy to make the mashed pototoes. Also, BTW the shirt does not fit at all.... idk if you forgot that i have gained weight, and that I am size XL not L, but either way it is going to be a nice gift for a teenager in the branch:) Also thank you for the pants, they.... fit alright. But they were needed so thank you!

One night we were knocking on doors at 7ish and it was freezing. MY comp takes one side of the road, and i the other. And we just contact individually because it saves time and is more productive. No one was answering their doors because of the cold and i was just sort of pondering. It was about 48 degrees with wind is my guess, all i had was my placa, agenda, a backpack full of scriptures, and a heart full of hope. Nothing else. I was sort of frustrated with the work, and i felt like i wasnt living up to my potential in the mission field. But then i had this overwhelming feeling come over me, and i knew that i was doing that which the Lord has asked for me, and it isnt my fault that no one is accepting us.

So a cool story about Monjas is that there is a member in the branch who is mute. He cant talk or hear, but he has a strong testimony. He was there 45 minutes early and helped set up chairs, and then he passed the sacrement. He gives me hope everytime i see him.

So yesterday we finally got familia Perez to come to church. It is the family of the 18 yr old Eduardo who has come to church the last month. We are so close to helping them realize the importance of baptism, and if there is one thing i am set on doing before i leave Monjas, it is getting them to the baptismal font.

So i have been studying the biblia a little recently, and the story of Peter walking on water towards has hit me so hard lately. He was Jesus´s main man, always there on His side during all the miracles, trials, and healings that he did and went through. Peter was the one who was always supporting Christ. We he took a step on the water, how much faith did he have? He was so faithful, but even the number 1 apostle of Jesus Christ lacked faith, and started to sink. Why? He had seen the miracles, he had seen EVERYTHING, yet, he lacked faith. "Oh hombre de poca fe, por que dudaste?" (idk the scripture in english). That story has helped me realize we are all human.

This next week is going to be better and thank you for all the love and support.
Alma 22:15 (King Lamoni had so much faith and desire to change he was willing to give all).

love you all, and hope you had a great thanksgiving! We didnt celebrate it here:) haha

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

ps. sorry my grammar is so bad lately... spanish problems.

Elder Walton with a cat that is almost as cool as Oreo

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monjas for Life

So we found out the changes last night, and I am staying for another six weeks at least with Elder White! I am happy because we have some potential baptisms soon, but i dont why Presidente Stay is keeping me here. It is such a hard area, and i feel like i would be more useful somewhere else. It is sometimes frustrating watching an Elder from my group who is here in Jalapa have 9 baptisms and in Monjas.... baptizing doesnt rain too often. But, both the sisters in Monjas have changes and theyre way sad. I told Hna Martin, I dont know why Pres Stay is keeping me in Monjas, and she said "It isnt him who is keeping you there." That definitely made me feel dumb and humbled. I read a quote in a talk from Elder Holland a couple days ago and it says, "Be reassured of Heavenly Father´s abundance towards YOU." I definitely need to count my blessings as i am sure we all do.

On Tuesday i did splits and went to one of the wards in Jalapa with Elder Lopez from Mexico. He speaks SUPER fast and it definitely made me realize i need to be more humble about my progress in spanish, and therre is a lot of room to learn, always. I had trouble understanding him and always had to ask him to repeat things if i wasnt listening to him.

SO WAS THANKSGIVING THIS LAST WEEK? No one in Guate knows whether or not.... but sounds like it is this next week right? Hope a happy thanksgiving to all, and i am so thankful for you my family, friends, and lovedones. I am so thankful for the oportunity to be a missionary and i am so glad that i am here and not there!:P

On thursday we brought a less active teenager who is in town from the capital with us to some lessons. He didnt say a word, but i think that our lessons and examples as missionaries helped him, and he came to stake conference in a white shirt and tie yesterday which was cool.

This weekend was a Stake Conference thru Satelitte, so Pres Eyring, and Elder Scott spoke to the people of Guatemala and it was amazing. They talked about the importance of women, and how much growth has happened here recently. They talks were great and Elder Scott speaks great spanish btw. Our best investigator Eduardo (18 yrs old) came with us all the way to Jalapa and really liked the conference. This week he said he wasnt ready to accept a baptismal date, but i think this next week he will, becuase he loved conference so much. He is a shyer kid, and has to talk care of his whole family becuase dad is in US, so he isnt much of a jokester or teenager. He is super humble and so great.

The coolest thing from this whole week is Hermano Salvador Salguero (my convert with one leg) was sustained to the office of Elder yesterday and received the melquisedec priesthood. He is so amazing and is bringing to many to the church by his example. He lives in the Progreso Branch now, so i wasnt able to be there for the confirmation, but i am still so happy and proud of him.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and i love you so much.
"I´ve never been afraid to lose." - Michael Jordan

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nuns Are Cool

So this week was the great catholic missionary week in monjas. The catholics took over the town, and it was... interesting... the worst part is they would march in the streets singing, praying, and waving flags, and one morning i got woke up at 5 am to 1000 catholics marching down the road... CRAZY! we got a solid 22 people at church yesterday, and i have definitely been super humbled this week. The Lord has helped us, but it hasnt been easy at all.

Lets start with last week. We went to the volcan of ipala and took pictures last pday and it was SO pretty! i will send pics after i send this email:) it was a super hard hike and we almost killed the sister in our district, but they got up and down safely so no worries:)

I completed 5 months last week and i cant believe how quick it has gone! although i havent had too much success when it comes to baptizms, i have learned so much, and i feel like a different person (for the better of course). I realized something almost as fulfilling and satisfying in the mission is reactivating families! We have helped 3 families get back to church and somewhat active. One family hadnt come for 8 years, the other for 4. So that is great and humble feeling, that we are able to help them remember their testimonies.

Speaking of amazing experiences. So my first convert Hermano Salvador moved with his family to the town over. Turns out the Elders are teaching them, and Hermano Salvador is helping them convert the whole family of his stepson. His stepson Eduardo and two of his sons are members. But now his wife, and 2 other sons are listening to the lessons and one son has a baptismal date! The wife never listened to us in Monjas because she is hardcore Evangelica, BUT since they moved she is going to a new church in the new town, and is listening and accepting the missionaries! SO COOL. Ill keep you updated on what comes of family Linares (family of Hno Salavadors stepson).

So our one investigator had her baby last sunday, so they didnt come to church yesterday either. Which means they cant get baptized this saturday... which is super frustrating. Transfers are next tuesday and i am probably going to leave Monjas, it is sad because we have 5 great investigatores and i wont get to be here when they get baptized.. if they do. I am going to work hard this last week in Monjas, and there still is a slight chance i wont get transfereed but who knows?

We planned an activity on Thrusday and it was SUCH a great turn out. We got the family of Maria Jose there, and an 18 yr old Eduardo. And an inactive family randomly showed up. It was a great turn out, and a fun activity. The sisters planned a bunch of "minute to win-it" games, so it got a little crazy. After a little awkwardness, everyone lost there pride and started participating and it was great.

This week has been hard, but good. Last night we taught Maria Jose and her husband Saul about the Book of Mormon. She has been super sick, and wasnt able to come to church yesterday. But they let us in, and we brought an RM from the branch with us, Hna Alma. We had a super spiritual lesson, and they are acceptive. I know they will get baptized when the time is right, we just got to get them to church.

I have learned so much this week, and i know that even though we havent had much success, and some how things end up going wrong, The Lord is blessing us personally. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me, and is happy with our work here in Monjas. Maybe the time isnt right for the people we teach, but i know that we are helping them become a little closer to there Heavenly Father. I am so thankful for the atonement, and Christs life por us.

Thank you for all your support, and remember how important missionary work is, even if you arent a missionary. I am in a small town with 25 active members, and too many inactives. The church is growing, but we cant forget about the strayed sheep. Every little effort helps.

Love, Elder nathan russell walton

Elder Walton at the Volcano. 
(Apparently pointing is now super cool in pictures. Please take note of this for your next pictures.)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Getting Prepared...


It started yesterday... and it is going to be a long... week. There are nuns walking all around towns, and people follow them around with huge flags basically worshiping them... it is super creepy. There are also decorations all over town... i will make sure to take some pics!

Some crazy stuff that happened is last week we realized that a teacher blessed the sacrament... welcome to the Monjas Guate Branch. We met Lorenzo Snows great grandson... this random amercian who married a guatemalan and comes down twice a year... we gave him a BoM and he says that he still has family in Utah.. Obviously.

Our investigators that are supposed to be baptized in two weeks are in the hospital because the wife is having her baby! Finaaly! They are a great couple, and we had a great couple lessons with them this week. The spirit was so strong... and the only reason people know our message is true is thru the spirit.

We did some service on wednesday and i have had gross popped blisters on my hands all week... yeah my missionary hands have gotten pretty soft and girly. :(

So the best story from this week ill tell you right now. So the sisters in monjas had a baptism on Saturday. It was at 5 pm and during the middle of the day when we had a bunch of appointments. For some reason, even though the whole branch was going, we didnt feel like we should go to the baptism. We both felt like we needed to go to these appointments we had put. We ended returning to a ladys house, shes named Marie Jose... and her husband and daughter came and listened to our lesson. We taught them the Restoration, and it was amazing. They loved the story and faith of Joseph Smith and are determined to find out if our church is true. They are such and amazing family, and the wife was so happy she was actually crying... which is weird. Just as a young new couple they have had a hard time deciding what church to attend, and they were so thankful for our message.

Yesterday was Sunday. After some amazing lessons and a good week. NO ONE, was able to go to chruch. THey all had commitments... well i guess having a baby and giving birth counts, but still. Anyways i was super frustrated, and disappointed in my Heavenly Father... I didnt understand why.. during sacrament I read D&C 88:65 and wow.... then right after sacrament an 18 year old we are teaching showed up, and stayed for the last two classes and loved the church. The Lord always finds a way to humble me... and i always find myself being humbled... more than i like it sometimes;)

We bought some crappy hotdogs in the street and blew 7 Quetzales on it... also i decided Satan does anything in his power to stop the spirit from being in lessons. Everytime we teach the Restoration i always feel like distracting start coming around the exact moment we start teaching about Joseph Smith.. it is so crazy and scary. But The Lord always overcomes.

Thank you for the emails, prayers, and all the love! i am so thankful for everyone... and i know that the lord is hastening his work. Love you all. Sorry if my emails back are short today, we are writing early because we are off to hike a volcano today! Ill send pics!
Love you all so much, church is true, peace out.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

Monday, November 4, 2013

About to Take the Step


Okay so besides that... it has been a good week. We are teaching some great families and hopefully this week we can put some baptismal dates with them.... we fasted super hard this weekend, and we are trying to stay positive and invite the spirit to testify to the people of monjas. So this week was not too exciting... but it was good!

On Tuesday i did splits with Elder Major from PG, and it was fun to be the senior companion for the day. I am amazed at how far my spanish has come, and the gift of tongues was definitely with me that day. The gift of tongues is so real, some days the language is easy to speak and understand, and then i find myself struggling to speak other days. I just need to keep showing faith and practicing so i can get rid of my bad language days.

It was a lot of fun to be with Elder Major. We did some good contacting and teaching. Although his spanish isnt the best, he has the desire to work and talk with everyone, and i can see the drive in him, that i didnt have when i entered the field... so that was inspiring. We also had a branch activity... My convert Hermano Salvador and his family moved to El Progreso (20 minutes from Monjas) and is in a different branch, so we had a going away party with him. It was really neat and i learned how to make pupusas with E Major (Salvadoreano food).

We had some other great activities and experiences this week. I have officially decided that the Book of Mormon is the greatest thing known to man. My most spiritual and amazing lessons i have been in have been when we are teaching about the Restoracion and Joseph Smith. The book of mormon and the First Vision is the story and message we share.. not the plan of salvacion, and not the gospel of Christ. Those too... dont get me wrong... but the most important for the people to hear is the restoracion. Sometimes it is intimidating or scary to share the Restoracion, because you dont want them to go crazy on you, or ask difficult quesitons. But the spirit is ALWAYS there, and i can truly testify of the realness of the Spirit and him as a companion. The world needs to hear about Jose Smith, The BoM, and the restoracion of the gospel... that is why we are missionaries.

So some cool stories from this week.... Well Hugo and Haydee (recently married couple) came to chruch for the second time:) I saw a teenager wearing a inter Fc jersey form UTAH. on the front it said hahaha lots of donated clothing comes here, and they sell them in "American" stores or pacas.

Me and my comp are super tight with the PIMP of the town basically... hes got SWAG. He name is Jesus, and he thinks we are his homeboys. We are going to teach him on Thursday... that should be interesting.. haha

Another story is i did splits of Friday with the ZLs and i went to Jalapa with Elder Huayta from Peru. He is a super good missionary and i learned a lot from him. It was the first time being with a latino comp.. and understanding basically everything he said. We threw a rock at a bull, i hit it in the head. Long Story:)

Well everyone read Mosiah 4:17 :)

Love you all and thank you for your emails and letters. Thank you for the support and you are all in my prayers. The church is true... even when you turn the nob and there isnt water... for 2 days:)

Love you all.
Elder Nathan Russell Walton
Elder Walton's little friend

Monday, October 28, 2013

Scattered Tribes

I will not deny The Christ.

This has been a great week. We had 3 terrible days, and some amazing days too. Talk about roller coaster season.

Just going to get the random stuff out first, and then tell you about my week. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW DAD! Hope all is great, and i cant even remember how old you are turning, and i refuse to do the math. I already passed calculus, remember?
Something way cool is Elder Major from PG is in my zona! He is the Elder who is really good family friends with my second family, the Wilsons. And guess what? His comp is DL and so is mine. SOOOO we are doing splits tomorrow and Elder Major is going to be my comp for a day in Monjas! We will send pics:)

We had a great week, and found some awesome families, butttt none came to church. YEP. Welcome to Monjas:)

One lady and her family we found and taught was a lady named Maria. We have contacted twice in the street, but could never find her house. Then the Sisters contacted her and she gave them her number. We called and after going to her house 3 times we finally found her. We had the impression to teach the plan of salvacion, and turns out her parents abandoned her and died when she was 3, so it was a very personal but amazing lesson. Didnt come to church, but we are going to work with her:)

We had a noche de hermanamiento out in the boonies with a less active family, and a ton a members came. They told us to prepare a lesson, when we got there it just ended up being a niños bday and we had a piñata, and didnt even share anything. So that was interesting... haha.

The family that makes our dinners, Familia Sican, we out of town on Thursday, so they make some panqueque mix, and left it for us, and gave us a key to their house so we could make it for dinner. We showed up, turned on the lights, and 50+ cucharachas went scattering all over the table and left our food. SOOO we dumped everything down the pila and made the dishes "dirty", and then we went and bought dinner at a local restaurant. Fam Sican still dont know... haha.

The Cucharachas are not why i titled my email Scattered Tribes. I titled it because we had interviews with Pres Stay this week, and i asked him a question that had been really bothering me. Why am i supposedly a chosen child of God? Called to serve and spread the true gospel to people who are already too wrapped up in their Evangelico churches. He reminded me that hardly NO ONE will accept our message. But, there are the few, the scattered tribes of Israel, that we are picking out of the hay pile. It isnt easy, but they are out there, we just have to find them.

My scripture is 2 Nephi 31:14. Sit down before you read it, because it is a sucker punch to the yayas.

Hope all is well, and thank you so much for all the love and prayers from back home! Love you all and the church is still true. Dont worry, nothing has changed.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

Monday, October 21, 2013

I Hate Mosquitos!

So I dont really have TOO much to write about this week. I progressively got more and more sick this week with dangue. It got to a point where i couldnt move my eyes or it would just kill my head so bad. BUT, i feel almost 100% now, and i am doing a lot better. Thanks for all your prayers, I know that and a priesthood blessing is what helped me get back on my feet. BUT, since i have been sick, we didnt get to work as much as we would've liked this week.... Nothing too exciting happened. At least, nothing worth sharing.

All of our investigators DIDnt come to church yesterday becuase they were all either working, and were not home when we stopped by. So that was a bummer. Since i dont have anything good to share this week, i will just share my general feelings about the mission.

I forgot what a hot shower feels like. I got some rashes, and my feet are just one big calais. I got a pretty cool tan line where my watch is, and i am dang good a shaving my face. The language is so weird, i dont know when i started understanding it, but i do. It just takes time i guess. I dont speak it perfectly, and it is SO annoying when the guates correct me.... but besides that, the language comes.

I love the mission, sometimes it is easy to get down on myself, but I always end up in a good mood at the end of the day. The harder we work, the better i feel. That is why this week has been rough, because we were not able to work as hard as we would have liked, so i got pretty down.

Monjas is great, and i have come to love it. The branch is doing... okay. The problem is that a lot of people always talk about all the good they are going to do, and people (including ourselves sometimes) dont follow through with their commitments. It is hard to keep the shaky members active, and the active members positive. I dont want to sound negative, i am just sharing what it is like. We are working hard, and i have really grown close to some the of members. Some of them do truly have the desire to help the branch grow and get back to where is was a long time ago.

The culture is so different here, and the people are so blunt about everything. It is so fun though, and i am growing to love the country and culture. I almost have forgotten what it is like back there in Utah, no joke. I obviously still miss you all a lot though!

My testimony of the Book of Mormon grows everyday, and there is absolutely no way it isnt 100% true. Joseph Smith was a chosen called prophet of God, and probably the greatest man to walk this Earth besides our Savior Jesus Christ. I love the examples that the prophets in the BoM are to all of us, and there are so many great stories we can learn from. I started reading the BoM in spanish about 2 months ago and i am in Jacob... i am slowly getting there, and i got to a point where i can read without using my english version next to me. I just read, and understand it. It is amazing how real the gift of tongues is the the power of God is so mighty.

I love you all so much, and I am thankful for the letters, emails, and gifts that i have gotten from you all. Thanks for being the best support ever, and i love you all with all my heart. Thanks for everything and always remember to turn to the Lord for help.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Change Finished

Hey family and everyone else!

This last week has been pretty good. It went by super fast because we had a lot going on! It has been raining a ton still which is super weird because supposedly the rain season is over. I am just going to skip all the little details of the week up until Friday. We did divisions with the ZLs again because they had to do our baptismal interview for Hermanita Sayri Portillo (i am not sure if i have mentioned her before). E Buckley and I were contacting in an area i have never contacted before, and we were just hitting houses. He was talking to some lady, so i just went down the street a little more, and knocked on a door. It didnt look like anyone lived there, but i had the feeling i should knock their door anyways. A young pregnant mom came out, and it was a lady that i had contacted up the road the day before, and we actually had a cita with her at 530 that afternoon. So i told her we would come back, and she said she would be waiting with her husband. We went back and they are one of the coolest couples i have ever met. We taught them the restauration and they both mentioned how they felt something special. We committed them to coming to church and they were both really excited to go. Their names are Hugo and Haydee and they are amazing!

Anyways the baptism of Hermana Sayri was on Saturday and she asked me to baptize her, so that was a really cool experience. Her mom and older brother are less actives that we are reactivating and her cousins and Grandma too. About half the cousins came to the baptism, and her stepdad who isnt a member came too. I think he really enjoyed it, and so we are going to try to work with him too. It was an amazing baptism, and The Lord has really blessed us.

On Sunday we were to Hugo and Haydees and they were all ready in sunday clothes. Which is super rare because half the members dont even wear sunday dress. It was testimony meeting, and i think they really liked it. Also i taught sunday school so i was able to focus my lesson on them too. They left after the 2nd hour and we are going to teach them on Wednesday.

Now for the crazy parts of the week. I HAVE DANGEY. That disease that mosquitos carry around....? Yeah, i have it. So these last 5 days have been miserable. I have been able to get out of bed and force myself to go work... but it hasnt been easy. I finally allowed myself to call the nurse this morning and she told how to take care of it... it is going to take some time though. Dont worry too much about me, just i definitely will appreciate all your prayers!

Thanks so much for everything, and i love you all. You are all in my prayers, and we are working hard!!

We found out the changes last night, and E White and I are together here in Monjas for at least 6 more weeks.

Thanks for everything, and we are working hard and trying to find those who are ready to receive the Lords gospel here in Monjas Guatemala.

Love you all so much,

Elder Nathan Russell Walton
My adorable baptism

This is Elder Cabosmalon who is in an area in Jalapa who was baptizing too. He is from Arequipa Peru.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

Dang, was conference not so amazing? I think it was one of the most directed conferences i have ever heard, all leaning towards the members and women. Pretty crazy.

This week was pretty good! We had our Zone conference and so Pres Stay and his wife came and it was an all morning/afternoon thing. Our president is really picking up the expectations of the mission, and the pressure is on. We arent hear to mess around. After the zone conference i started a two-day splits with the ZLs. So i was in Jalapa in their area with Elder Buckley from Lehi. It was pretty cool, and he taught me a lot on teaching, he really know how to connect with everyone he talks with and teaches so i am trying to increase my ability to do that. I can teach fine, and the language isnt too much of a barrier anymore, i just want to be able to connect with the people better. It was a lot of fun to do spilts and we found this awesome family! We contacted them, and they let us in for a quick 15 minutes lesson. The father instantly opened up and told us that he has problems with alcohol and wants to change. I was able to explain to him that that is why we are here, to help him with whatever he needs, and to bring him and his family closer to Christ. We went back the next day and taught them the Restauration. Even though they arent married but have for kids, E Buckley still invited them to be baptized and they agreed, but the man asked "dont we have to be married?" They explained that is something they would like to do along with baptism and it was so amazing! The spirit was so strong and the language wasnt fatiguing me at all while i taught them. I have never seen anyone have the desire to change so strongly, honestly. The ZLs are still teaching the family and they will be baptized the month.

Some cool stories that happened this week.... well it is Sugar Cane season and all this little kids walk around selling sugar cane sticks that look like giant bamboo. We bought some for 5 quetzals and it is amazing! You just break the stick, peel off the bark, and then bite the flesh, and suck out the sugar.... pretty cool.

Weird story is we contacted a lady named Lydia in the street and put a cita with her, so she gave us the description of her house. We went two days latter and this grumpy old lady came to the door. "Is lydia here?" No. I dont know who lydia is. "Really, this is the house she told us she lives in." Nope, wrong house, dont know lydia..... SO we contacted her and asked her her name. LYDIA. hahaha so i asked "So you dont have a daughter named lydia then?" NO. "okay well is there a day that we could come back and share a message with you?" NO, i dont like any religion on this earth.
HAHA so we just left..... later that night my comp called Lydia (the daughter) and turns out she does live there and that was her crazy mom. I dont think we will be going back anytime soon...

Well conference was amazing. We watched all 5 sessions at the church, and us American missionaries crammed in the Stake Presidents office and watched it in english on saturday. And on sunday we watched it in the Stake High Council room, in english. It was so great and i loved every talk. I could honestly go off talking about every single talk in this email, but the only one i want to address was by Elder Edward Dube.
"NEVER LOOK BACK. LOOK AT WHAT WE STILL HAVE TO DO." I love that quote so much, and it is now my motto on the mission. I complete 4 months in the mission this week, and i am never going to look back, and just keep looking forward. This motto can apply to the mission, repentance, our baptism covenants, enduring to the end, our goal to enter the temple, etc. It was so great, and the talk by Elder Edward Dube really had a good affect on me.

Thank you so much for all your support, and i love you all so much. I miss you, and the conference made me miss you all a little more, but not TOO much:) Thank you for your prayers, and remember, never look back.

Love you all,
Elder Nathan Russell Walton

As Elder Walton puts it "Watching conference as the Gringos!"

Monday, September 30, 2013

October? What?

Well this was easily the fastest week so far. and i know that i said that last week... so it is getting faster and faster and we are working SO hard. I cant believe the other 3 missionaries have been here in Monjas for a month already! so weird... but i love the mission and it has been so great!

We have had some pretty crazy stuff happen lately... in all aspects. My comp and I experienced the weirdest lesson of our lives, and i will tell you about that on Christmas if you remind me! haha.

As for this week i only have a couple stories worth sharing. First, last pday we went to the border of El Salvador because it is in our zona... it wasnt too exciting, but we took a couple pictures. It is weird to think i am only 4 hours MAX away from my bro Grant Rowberry!

So on Wednesday the Hermanas gave a referencia that they contacted in the street. It was a lady who is an inactive member and she invited them over the next day, so the sisters came with and showed us where because it was in our area. Hermana Portillo is her name and she has been inactive for 8 years, but we just shared with her our testimonies and desire for her to return to the church, and she says she really wants to go back! She came to church with her daughter who is 9 and not baptized, and little boy. they stayed all 3 hours and enjoyed it! Some of the members knew her, but others thought she was just an investigator. We have a lesson with her and her family tomorrow and we are hoping that her daughter accepts a baptismal date!

We officially have REACTIVATED a family... into their old Evangelica church. When we started teaching them, they hadnt gone to church in 10 years. So we went yesterday to invite them to church, and they said that theyre going to THEIR church. Hahaha we put fechas with this family too. They wanted to baptized... BUT want to go to their old church. Yeah Elder White and i arent really sure, but we just have kind of laughed it off.

Our investigator Rodrigo is doing good/bad. We had a lesson with him in the church and watched the Joseph Smith movie and he loved it. he reads the BoM everyday, and is gaining a testimony for himself. He ALSO went to an Evangelica church yesterday and has been flaking out on all our citas with him. We go to his house when he tells us to, and he is never there.

My BIRTHDAY was great! My comp bought me a burger and fries and they delievered to our house while we were studying. The hermanas made me a little gift, and the members all went to Familia Escobar and we had cake and they sung to me in the night. It was a lot of fun, and i am really thankful!

D&C 64:9-11 is a great scripture about forgiving and not judging. Me and my comp have been trying to work on our attitude with the people, and not JUDGE them. It is really hard.... we contacted 250+ people this week and nobody really wants anything. Also the people we are teaching arent really progressing. Elder White and i know that if we keep working hard, we will eventually be blessed, even if it isnt here in Monjas.

"Youth are being raised in enemy territory" - Boyd K Packer.
We GOT TO stay close to the gospel!

Thank you so much for you prayers and love, and i love you all so much. Know that we are working hard here in Monjas, and the the mission work is so amazing. Love and miss you all so much, and tell our state of Utah hi for me.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

"Church Activity Swag" 
I have no idea what's going on in this picture ~Courtney

Soaking wet from all the rain

At the border of El Salvador

Elder Walton's Birthday Cake

Elder Walton and his Birthday Burger

The feet of a missionary

Monday, September 23, 2013

Famous in Monjas

I say we are famous in Monjas because we contacted like crazy people this week. Presidente Stay gave a new rule/expectation that we contact 35 people everyday, 16 lessons with members, and 10 others. Along with our studies, and other affairs, you would know those numbers are basically impossible. 35 contacts everyday adds up to 245 in a week.
Dont worry everyone, Elder White and I pulled a solid 246. We both did about half, and contacting and talking with people has become so easy lately. Although most of them do not really want anything to do with us, they are still always nice. I say we are famous because multiple times we contacted the same person or familia and didnt know it when we started. That leads to the best thing that happened this week....
So we contacted a lady named Erika with her two little sons in a back alley behind the church on Wednesday, and she said to come over the next day. The problem is that there arent addresses in Monjas, so she just told us what block and her door is black. We went to her house on Thursday but she didnt live there... so we got the wrong house, and lost a potential investigator. BUT, Friday night we were contacting and I started talking with her and she said, "yeah we have already talked. we waited for you guys yesterday!" We told her we went, but we got the wrong house. turns out she lives two houses up, and the front door is to a Taller "workshop" and we didnt know that. So we put a cita with her for this Tuesday (tomorrow) and left. But on Saturday we happened to be on her street so we stopped by to invite her to church.... her husband answered the door and told us to come in. Easily the most welcoming family i have met. We invited them to church and they said "Yeah we will come!" Now a lot of people say that... so we didnt actually believe them.
Yesterday morning we were going around Monjas inviting investigatores and members to church and we didnt have time to go by her house. Now this is where the story gets cool... Church started 15 minutes late because the sacrament wasnt prepared, and Erika showed up 10 minutes late and barely made the sacrament blessing! If we hadnt started late, she wouldve missed the most important part. It was really cool and that is the first time someone has come to church that we havent even taught yet. It gets better.... she stayed for all 3 hours because her sons didnt want to leave!
I guess you could say we got a pretty good potential investigator, and i am so excited to go teach them. Yesterday i had the opportunity to speak in church... i dont know how well i did, but i felt good about it. And the language is coming better and better everyday! It is really weird that i am understanding people that i couldnt understand a word they said 5 weeks ago.
So we have had some success this week... but not really. Since Elder White got here, and we started working together we have put 7 baptismal fechas. BUT, they all have fallen besides 2 in October because none of them come to church... Our baptisms for this upcoming Saturday arent going to happen which is a shame because they have progressed so well... they are just, lazy. BUT, we still are going to work with them:)
This week has been the fastest week in the mission, and i am really starting to love the work. I can feel the Lords hand in my life everyday, and Elder White and I are having so much fun. Sometimes too much fun because we couldnt get thru a prayer without laughing for 3 days straight. He is a great missionary, and i am learning SO much from him. He went to Alta and graduated in 11.
I dont really know what else to tell you guys besides i am so thankful for everyone that helped me get to where i am. the mission is so great, and i can feel and see my life changing for the better. The church is true, and always will be. I have a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Atonement everyday, and i know that we have a Saviour who lives.
Some crazy things this week:
Saw a dog get hit by a car.
Helped a drunk get out of the road.
Got hit on by a group of snakes... gross.
Got preached to when WE were supposed to be teaching...
Walked home in a blizzard of rain last night.
Got attacked by a quorum of dogs... yes quorum.
Love you all so much. I am loving the mission, and i am safe and happy. thank you for everything, and hope all is going to well.
Read 1 Nephi 17:50. I dont remember what it was about, but i read it this week and really liked it! haha
Love you all,
Elder Nathan Walton
ps. if anyone is reading my weekly emails and hasnt emailed me, feel free to do so!:)

Monday, September 16, 2013

La vida de la mision

Well.... this week went SO fast and i cant believe that i am writing you all again! Fetch. So i dont even know where to start with this week. On Monday we were doing splits with the ZLs and Elder Buckley and me put two fechas with Hna Alma and Hno Rodrigo! They are great investigadores and are willing to learn and try new things (like the BoM).
We also did splits with two other elderes in our distrito so i went off to Jalapa for the day and worked with an elder who finishes in a month. and guess what?? We put two fechas bautismales in their area too! It has been crazy! Oh something tight is... the date for Alma and Rodrigo is the 28th of Sept! So if you know me well, that is a pretty sick date.
Some crazy stories from this week is we went to a house to teach a lesson to a familia that we contacted the day before, and their uncle was there from the capital. He started telling us how an angel visits him every morning and tells him things like who is going to Hell and who isnt. One time he told us he asked the angel out of 30 people, how many go to heaven. "3 or 4 at most..." WHAT THE? We quickly ended the lesson and left... it was crazy and every word he said had a bad spirit with it..
This week was crazy in Monjas because yesterday was the 15th of September which is dia de independencia in Guate. So allll week they were partying in the streets; parades, fireworks, water balloons, etc. Also we had 9/11 (hope all was good in the US), 12 of Sept (3 months for me, and 1 year for my comp), friday the 13th as well.... crazy week! On the 12th my comp burned a shirt and tie to celebrate a year... and so i decided to burn a sock! Haha 3 months down, 21 to go:) I got some good video and photos from these last couple weeks!
The last crazy story i want to share is.... we taught a lesson to a girl we contacted.. and her brother DURING OUR LESSON was watching porn right behind us... we could hear it while we taught and prayed.... I dont know what else i should say about that.
Lots of other great things happened this week and cool experiences and stories.
My testimony is growing stronger everyday, and the mission is getting easier as well. I was pretty home sick the first month in the field, but i didnt let it get to me. It is easier now and i am really starting the love the mission work and life! I can honestly testify of the Book of Mormon and i know without a doubt that it is true!
I am thankful that i was able to baptized with the true autoridad of the priesthood, and that i can make covenios with My Heavenly Father and The Lord. (Matt 28:18-19 only scriptures i have to share today).
Thank you for all, and i can feel your love and prayers everyday! The language is coming aswell... slowly, but i can see my progress everyday. I dont understand everything, but i can follow every conversation. Contacting and talking to people is so easy now. In the moment speaking spanish doesnt seem like much, but looking back it is pretty cool that i can talk with these people! The guatemaltechnos are great, and i am learning to love the people everyday.
Thank for everything, and i love you all so much!

Elder Nathan Walton

ps. I weighed myself on a scale in a members home, and with my shoes and clothes i was 205 lbs. So i am guessing i am 195+ lbs.... and i was 180 when i left for the CCM.
"In Monjas, we talk clear"

View from the balcony

Elder Walton burning his sock to commemorate his 3 months

"Live Monjas! The future is in your hands"

Nate and his new companion

Monday, September 9, 2013

Work on Work on Work

Monjas has 4 gringos. That is right. FOUR! I can honestly confirm and testify that Presidente Stay receives revelation, and knew who to send to Monjas.
What else? The other companionship is sisters! Although the branch doesnt have much priesthood, the branch also needed sisters which was a good move by the Pres again.
My companion has a year in the field, and his name is Elder White from Sandy, UT. It is so different contacting, and teaching with a gringo like him and the mission actually feels like a mission now! We are working our butts off and i have never felt better in the mission! Yesterday we had 3 investigadores at church that we contacted and taught a quick lesson about the Plan of Salvation on Friday. They agreed to come to church, so saturday we taught about the Sabbath day! It has been amazing, and i am loving the work more and more. The one investigador Hermano Rodrigo stayed for all 3 hours too, which was dope. Idk how else to put it. DOPE.
The first couple days were a little difficult having to show my comp and the hermanas all the members and investigadores and just Monjas overall. I was a little overwhelmed, but the Branch is supporting us a TON and have helped the sisters out a lot. It is a little difficult because Hna Sanchez (Ut) is training a greenie Hna Martin (Az)... so when we are together we gotta try really hard to speak spanish. Dont worry about my spanish though, me and Elder White only speak spanish to each other until we finish planning at night. It has been a lot of fun and we are doing a lot of good work! i hope all is well back home with everyone, and you are all in my prayers.
The Lord puts us thru a hot fire at first so we can burn off our imperfections, and i am definitely burning off a lot. I have never prayed so hard in my life, and i can see The Lords hand in my life on the daily. It has been pretty amazing and i dont know what else i should say besides thank you for all your prayers, and just know that Monjas has done a complete 180 and we are going up hill with the work. My spanish is really coming, and i am getting to a point that i understand 80-90%... and speaking the language just comes with practice.!
Please read 3 Nefi 12:43-44 and also 13:5-6. I think these are doctrines that we need to follow and always remember as members and representatives of the Church of Christ.
Love you all and thank you so much! Monjas is great!
Elder Walton

Monday, September 2, 2013

Well... this is going to be interesting

I dont want to start this email with anything besides, DANG. So i have officially finished my first cambio in the field and tomoroow is the meeting of changes. Usually you have your trainer for two cambios (12 weeks) but because of what happened two weeks ago. Last night we received the call and all 3 missionaries besides me are being transfered tomorrow. Therefore i am receiving a Stepdad, and the mission work of Monjas is all in my hands. I am going to have to show those 3 elderes everything in the area this week. So keep my sanity and patience in your prayers!

Last Pday after writing i was super bummed out... and i was not happy with the mission or anything. I got talking with an elder in my zona who was in the MTC with me and he completely changed my attitude about the mission. I think it is because i am so hard on myself always, that i wasnt enjoying the mission. BUT this last week i had a new attitude and it was the fastest week ever! We worked harder and harder and i absolutely love the mission and MONJAS!

This week was so much different than the first month and a half... i am completely accustomed to the mission life now.. like Dogs, BOOBS (breat feeding is public), freezing cold showers, weird looks from everyone, and the language of spanish. I feel the love and help from the Lord everyday with the language and gift of tongues.

The language you just got to lose your pride, and JUST DO IT!

Yesterday i had the opportunity to bear my testimony and it was amazing and i love the Branch. I can feel the spirit with me everyday, even though The adversary is working hard...

GUESS WHAT??? Keslin wants to receive our lessons again... and her little evangelica sister! With soriano leaving tomorrow Keslin and her sister are all up to me and the spirit... i am SO excited!

Last thing before ending this short email... I AM SO FAT. My pants are struggling to fit, and i have easily put on 10-15 lbs since i left, no joke. You might not be able to see it in the photos because they are mostly from my first two weeks and in the MTC.

I love you all and thank you so much for all you prayers.

Read 3 Nephi 3:20-10 and then 3 Nephi 3:12. Trust in the Lord can destroy all fear of the Adversary... and there will always be people against us, we can back down. We are the army of The Lord.

Love you all, Elder Walton

Elder Walton with a machete 

Lovely hats!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back in the day... in the eighth grade.. used to walk home eeryday in the rain... (Knowmads)

It´s been raining like crazy these last two days! I don´t know if i like it because it gets rid of the heat, or if I hate it, because everyone vanishes into their homes and it´s so hard to contact.

SOOO i bet you are all wondering what happened to the other 3 Elders in Monjas. Dia de Cambios is on the 3rd of Septiembre and most likely the other two are outta here. I dont know about Elder Soriano, he thinks he is leaving, but i doubt it. Presidente Stay isnt stupid, he didn´t overreact, he just is super dissappointed in them all. It´s been so interesting... but I have learned that the mission is NOT what you expect it to be. This week we had the reunion de Greenies in the capital on Wednesday, so i got to see all my good friends from the CCM. This morning i woke up, went to the other room to eat some dry bread and peanut butter, and came back to my companion watching a movie he brought in his suitcase.... we have a portable DVD player for my training.. but he likes to use it for other things..

So turns out us 4 missionaries are famous and known in all the other Guate missions that we went to Antigua after going and doing a session in the temple... they are crazy.

At the meeting with all us newbies, we all saw the change in each other. In one month, we are more mature, and everytime we asked each other how we have been, everyone answered the same thing, (I´ve been... good)... we all know exactly what each other mean.

This week has been so hard, but we are working harder than before which is good. I am just trying to be an example to Elder S. One cool experience we had was on Saturday ALL our appointments fell thru, and we were so frustrated... it was pooring rain... after the last house didnt answer... we just sorta started walking down the muddy road... and then i had the impression we should pray, and at that exact moment elder S said, Vamos a orar. We pulled our hoods off, and said a prayer in the road. Right when we said amen, the family we went to teach opened the door. It was the quickest answer i have ever had... and it was such a great lesson. They are inactives, and the spirit was SO strong... hopefully we can get the to church soon.

Thank you so much for the package family! Although everything in it was destroyed... candy tastes the same not matter the condition. I was actually doing splits with the DL in Jalapa when the package came with the other stuff for our Zona, so i got it a little early. I got it on the 23rd so it took 20 days.. that´s all.

I love you all so much! this week has been hard... but i am just trying to stay positive, even though my trainer isnt. He is completely burned out with Monjas... I dont know what else to say. I love you all, and thank you for all your prayers. Thank you for the great emails, they are so fun to read!

Helaman 5: 4, 8. This reminds me how I should serve my mission....


Elder Walton

Monday, August 19, 2013

He finished the TRIPLE?

So Elder Walton is doing really well this week, but it was sort of a crazy week for him.  I am condensing and paraphrasing his letter this week as a result.  So the blog doesn't have the full letter, but he did send pictures so there is that to look forward to. If any family or friends actually want the letter, email me or my mother.  He does say that he appreciates all of the prayers and emails everyone has been sending, so thanks for that.  So without further ado, here is his letter. I will bold the parts of the letter that are actually from Elder Walton.

Yes, Hermano Salvador finished the Libro de mormon, d&c, and perla of great price all before his baptism saturday! how amazing is he? It was such a great experience, and i was able to be therre in the font with him and my companion even though i didnt say the prayer. Man, i have so many pictures that i want to send you guys! the problem is that they are to big of a format to fit in the emails, and i dont know how to figure it out... sometimes i think i figured it out, but then it doesnt work.. but just imagine the greatest investigator ever, me, and a latino dressed in all white:)

Thursday he had the opportunity to go to the temple in the Guatemala City.  They had to leave at 3 am for the 8am session. Saturday was the baptism for Hermano Salvador.

So saturday morning we went to a members to help fix his truck to take us to Jalapa for the bap. After that we went to the baptism, and none of Hno Salvadors family wanted to come.... the baptism was great! and the Spirit was so strong. Anyways, after that we had to help a member get madera (fire wood) and got super dirty... the branch canceled the party at Salvadors because it was raining. SO we went to a investigators house and they gave us food, which was good.

Then Elder Walton's letter summarizes a string of events Saturday Night which ended up with them coming home to 2 inches of water in their house.  He is in good spirits, but he says that branch is struggling and they are working hard to get people to church.

 I love the gospel, and i am learning everyday. 

Miss you all so much. The baptism was great, and Hermano Salvador is SOOO happy. Love you all, thank you for all your emails. Keep it up, and thank you for all your prayers.

Love, Elder Walton

Chillin' in the other Monjas missionaries house on PDay

His District in the CCM. His comp is in the yellow tie. The 3 on the left are from Arizona, then Idaho, Nevada, and then Nate from UT


Sweeping out the 2 inches of water in his apartment

Elder Walton with a dead frog. Very Scenic. 

These are the signs that everyone has on their house talking about the catholic sister missionary week in November.