Monday, February 2, 2015

Miracles That I Can't Explain

Basically my comp and I have been calling our area Zion. We had such an amazing week I cant even express my gratitud towards the Lord, He has blessed us so much it is indescribable.

This week started off well, on Tuesday we had the change meeting, 8 of the 18 missionaries left so we got 8 new missionaries, guess what, Elder Kunde is in my zone again! He is going to train his last two changes then he will head home. We got some great missionaries and I can already feel the hard work atmosphere they brought with them.

I dont have a lot of time but I will just briefly explain a few stories.

On Tuesday a couple Frank and Sandy accepted a wedding and baptismal date for the 14th of February, they are prepared and so excited, We already got the lawyer (same one who helped us in December) and they are truly being blessed.

Yesterday we had a miracle, we have been teaching some eternal investigators, Familia Solis... after 14 years of investigating yesterday they finally said that they are willing to get married on the 14th as well. DOUBLE WEDDING!

Please pray for these two families, satan is going to work SUPER hard, BUT WE WILL WORK HARDER, I AM CONFIDENT.

Francisco may not be baptized this saturday like I originally said because he isnt married, but I cant explain the whole story... he will be baptized soon once the lady moves out... he is super faithful, goes to church for all 3 hours, and is paying his tithing already, please pray for him.

Connie is still preparing to be baptized on the 14th as well, if all works out we will have 7 baptisms that day. The Lord will only provide these blessings if we continue with faith and these investigators continue faithful as well. We need your prayers, if we doubt, we wont accomplish this goal, I know that the Lord will continue with his blessing though. I am so grateful for all these miracles.

I love you all so much have an amazing week and thank you for your emails!!

Also Elder Mendez went home... Ill attach the photo we took

elder nathan russell walton

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