Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Hey family, it is Monday again, surprise surprise. I am not sure I like Mondays so much anymore... I love hearing from you all but it isnt fun to watch the weeks go by so fast. Time flies when you work your butt off.

So this week we saw some miracles and are seeing lots of fruits. I am working Elder Stuart as hard as I can (obviosly in a good way) and we are exhausted. Without exhaustion it wouldnt be the same though;)

So this week on Tuesday we found a nice single mother named Marleni. She explained how she is struggling with her faith in general and we talked about the plan of salvation. We were able to visit her on Saturday and she explained to us how she was going to move back to her little town Sunday morning... we were sad to see her go because I knew she would progress.
Well yesterday at 4 ish we saw her with her daughter and son in law carrying a bunch of stuff in the streets and we went and helped them. Turns out she found a room just a few blocks away and so were are going to be able to teach her and we hope to take her to church next week!

On Wednesday we did DIVIs with the Zone Leaders and I stayed here in the area with Elder Kunde who is my best friend in the mission. We are planning on rooming at BYU btw family... haha. At about 5ish we were struggling to find our investigators to teach so we decided that we were going to teach or die. I told him, I dont care who answers this door, we are going to teach the restoration, and that is exactly what we did. The lady didnt have a choice because before she knew it I was teaching her! haha fun experiences.

On Friday we went about found a less-active that we have been taking to church with us since we have gotten here. His name is Victor and is my favorite person here in Guatemala. Well we have been trying to get to know his girlfriend that he has lived with for 8 years a little better, but she is a really closed person. When we got there they were moving the furniture around so it gave us the chace to serve and we got to know his wife better.
Yesterday about 30 minutes into sacrement meeting he showed up with his wife... it was the first time she has gone, ever. They have been together for 8 years and she finally decided to go to church with him. The best part, she loved it. You shouldve seen the smile on his face when he walked into the meeting holding his little boy in his arms with his wife beside him.
He is making huge changes in his life and it is so amazing to be able to help him.
Pray for his wife Patricia so that she is willing to get married and we are going to help her work her way toward baptism!

We also brought a 16 year old kid to church yesterday named Jamer. We are teaching his family, and his is super interested. We should have some baptisms this upcoming November, pray for us!

We are working like crazy and seeing many fruits. Like I said, we are exhausted, and I couldnt be happier.

Love, Elder nathan russell walton

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