Monday, November 17, 2014


Time keeps flying like it always does in the mission.

This was a good week, and as always, seeing many miracles and blessings here in our area.

The week started off good, we did splits with the ZLs and I went to Elder Kundes area (future roomate at BYU). We had a good day and finished the day off with a huge dinner (yes, we do cook).
Ill attach pics.

On Wednesday I hit 17 months, I never thought these days would come... but they do, time is going too fast. Sadly we all had to go and get flu shots this day, so that wasnt a very fun celebration.

I dont have much to say this week, I guess I am running out of things to talk about. Basically we are setting goals, making plans, and working. We are talking with everyone we see and we are meeting lots of new people to teach. Sadly, some people just cant comprehend the message we share because of their lack of education. We try to teach simple so that they can feel the spirit though.

Some of the hightlights these week:
Yesterday we got a bunch of investigators to church. One came with her father named Jose Pedro, an inactive that hadnt gone to church for more than 20 years. Nothing like finding the lost sheep eh? He enjoyed sacrament meeting and is planning on coming again next week with his daughter and granddaughter.

Carlos, now that he has the priesthood, blessed the sacrement yesterday for the first time. It is so great to watch converts completely be "converted" and grow in the gospel... Carlos is doing great!!

Yesterday after church we dedicated most of the day to visiting less actives and the recent converts who seem to be struggling. We talked a lot about obedience and the commandments. We cannot receive blessings if we do not live according to the gospel. We shared John 14:15 many times yesterday. Such a simple scripture, yet it gets its point across.
"si me amais, guardad mis mandamientos."
"If ye love me, keep my commandments."
I believe our Savior was pretty sincere when he said these words.

Victor and his wife Patricia are still progressing. Victor is completly reactived now, he stopped smoking and drinking, and goes to church every Sunday now. Patricia has now gone to church three times and really likes the gospel, she is still hesitant though when it comes to making decisions. They both want to get married, so the wedding should be soon. We just need to help her commit to baptism... she still feels bad about being "rebaptized" but we read Acts 19:1-6 with her, and I feel like she understands why she would need to be baptized again.

Love you all, thank you for all your prayers, and hope you have an amazing week!

Love, elder nathan russell walton

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