Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Hey family!

All is well down here in Guatemala... this last week went by WAY too fast... we just had so much going on I cant believe the week already ended.

On Tuesday we had Stake Correlation with the Stake President. That is when my comp and I update the Stake Pres on mission work in the stake and we set goals and make plans with him. That is always an interesting experience.

On Wednesday we had interviews with President Caffaro. Mine was way short because I am going to have my "final" interview with President in a couple of weeks. That is when he is going to give me advice for after the mission and we are going to talk about all that i have learned here.
Something crazy went down and some of the zone couldnt make it to the stake center on wednesday for the interviews because some bad guys shot 3 bus drivers.... so the buses got shut down... and then all of the sudden there was a riot and some people burned the police station down.... soooo that was pretty exciting!

Friday we had the mission council where all the ZLs, APs, and President get together and we talk about the past month, and the next one we are starting. We finished April pretty well here in the zone and ended up being the 2nd best according to the "numbers" of baptisms haha.

Saturday at 530 my comp and I ran over to the stake center to fill up the baptismal font and turn on the water heater so that it would be warm by 10 am. YES, Aurora and also Javier got baptized! We had to make sure that the water was warm because Aurora has been really sick and if it was cold she wouldnt have been able to do it... i mean, it isnt easy for 78 year olds to be baptized, but she did it! it was such a blessing. Javier is a son of a less active who we have been reactiving. The grandma is completely active so the good thing is that if the dad doesnt want to keep changing and coming to church, at least Javier will have a strong support from the Grandma. We already set the goal with him and his family so that he can serve a mission in 9 years!

This week was great and we have some good stuff coming up in these next 3 weeks. Love you all and thank you for all your support!

Have a great week.

Elder nathan russell walton

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