Monday, October 28, 2013

Scattered Tribes

I will not deny The Christ.

This has been a great week. We had 3 terrible days, and some amazing days too. Talk about roller coaster season.

Just going to get the random stuff out first, and then tell you about my week. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW DAD! Hope all is great, and i cant even remember how old you are turning, and i refuse to do the math. I already passed calculus, remember?
Something way cool is Elder Major from PG is in my zona! He is the Elder who is really good family friends with my second family, the Wilsons. And guess what? His comp is DL and so is mine. SOOOO we are doing splits tomorrow and Elder Major is going to be my comp for a day in Monjas! We will send pics:)

We had a great week, and found some awesome families, butttt none came to church. YEP. Welcome to Monjas:)

One lady and her family we found and taught was a lady named Maria. We have contacted twice in the street, but could never find her house. Then the Sisters contacted her and she gave them her number. We called and after going to her house 3 times we finally found her. We had the impression to teach the plan of salvacion, and turns out her parents abandoned her and died when she was 3, so it was a very personal but amazing lesson. Didnt come to church, but we are going to work with her:)

We had a noche de hermanamiento out in the boonies with a less active family, and a ton a members came. They told us to prepare a lesson, when we got there it just ended up being a niños bday and we had a piñata, and didnt even share anything. So that was interesting... haha.

The family that makes our dinners, Familia Sican, we out of town on Thursday, so they make some panqueque mix, and left it for us, and gave us a key to their house so we could make it for dinner. We showed up, turned on the lights, and 50+ cucharachas went scattering all over the table and left our food. SOOO we dumped everything down the pila and made the dishes "dirty", and then we went and bought dinner at a local restaurant. Fam Sican still dont know... haha.

The Cucharachas are not why i titled my email Scattered Tribes. I titled it because we had interviews with Pres Stay this week, and i asked him a question that had been really bothering me. Why am i supposedly a chosen child of God? Called to serve and spread the true gospel to people who are already too wrapped up in their Evangelico churches. He reminded me that hardly NO ONE will accept our message. But, there are the few, the scattered tribes of Israel, that we are picking out of the hay pile. It isnt easy, but they are out there, we just have to find them.

My scripture is 2 Nephi 31:14. Sit down before you read it, because it is a sucker punch to the yayas.

Hope all is well, and thank you so much for all the love and prayers from back home! Love you all and the church is still true. Dont worry, nothing has changed.

Elder Nathan Russell Walton

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