Monday, December 16, 2013

It Doesn't Feel Like December

Sometimes it never feels like time changes... because the weather is always the same. Maybe that is why time is going so fast. I completed 6 months in the mission on Thursday, and i cant believe i am a quarter of the way through... it is kinda sad.

This week was interesting... we had some cool activities. A ward from Jalapa came with their youth and did a mini mission in Monjas. They loved it, and i worked them pretty hard. We encountered some crazy people though, and they just ripped on the church the whole time. I feel bad that the youth had to experience that, but i know it just made them realize that they need to find their own testimony, and how blessed they are to be members of this church. They were all super nervous to contact people, but i did the first few and showed them how. Then we went and started knocking doors, and i made them do it. After the first bad contact, they got rid of the nerves and the Spirit took over and they had the desire to contact everyone. The 3 youth i was with started knocking doors on their own, and I was so blessed and humbled to see that.

We also had an xmas branch activity, which turned out way good, because we planned terribly. I think 50+ people came which is crazy. Our church attendence is sky-rocketing too because we have pulled 40s for almost 4 weeks now. I am happy with the branch and where it is at, but our investigators are doing their part...

We found some solid families this week. I had the impression to contact in a certain part of town, and ended finding a family chillin on a curb and resting. I went up and starting talking with them, and they invitied me to sit. Later my comp came over, and we got to know them a bit. They are super willing to learn, and a great family. The only problem is that they own a bar.... so we will see how this goes! They are great, and i know the Spirit guided us to their porch.

Eduardo didnt get baptized on Saturday. We are still working with him and his family. He has come to church 6 times and his fam has come twice. They are so prepared, just the word baptism scares them. We are working towards this Saturday or the next with Eduardo, he just needs to recognize the answer that i know he has already received.

It was a decent week, and i am thankful for all your prayers. Remember to help those in need, and go find the less actives in our ward!!! I wish i knew then, what i know now. I never wouldve gone to church without going and knocking on the door of a less active family. Go and DO IT. Members are now responsible for the ward, not just the missionaries. We are all called by God. Love you all and have a great xmas season. It is soon to be here. Cant wait to talk with you fam on the 25th!

Love, elder nathan russell walton

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