Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sleep Deprived

True or false, Elder Walton is sleep-deprived, true.

This week was changes (transfers) week, which involves lots of meetings, lots of problems, and lots of CHANGES. No that Pte Caffaro is here he has come in with a lot of new ideas, which means we must change a lot of things here in the office and do as he says. I have learned so much and I feel so blessed to be here in the office with the new mission President. I have seen him in action, and it is amazing.

Something very unexpected happened this week. My companion Elder Rosales had changes after being here in the office for only 6 weeks. On Monday the day before transfers Pte Caffaro pulled me into his office and explained the situation. He told me how he didn't want to put more weight on my shoulders by changing my comp AGAIN here in the office, and having to train someone AGAIN, but he told me that he trusted me, and feels like it was necessary. Elder Rosales was a great comp, he learned a lot here, but the Lord said it was time to put him somewhere else I guess.

As for my new companion, his name is Elder Coronado and he is from Guayaquil, Ecuador.
I feel so blessed to be able to have companions from all over the world (Honduras, DR, Guate, Nicaragua, El Salvador, etc) , and I have been able to learn so many different cultures and meet new people. My new comp is fairly new in the mission, but is fantastic here in the office. He has the desire to help the mission as much as he can, which makes it so much easier on me. He is super energetic and a hard worker. He tests my patience a little with the many questions he always has, but I know that he just wants to do his best.

We took the honorable missionaries to the airport early Thursday morning. This involved me staying up until 245 am making sure they got their luggage set and that it wasn't too heavy BEFORE we headed to the airport. At 330 we headed to the airport with 6 missionaries and helped them get their bags checked and to their gates safely. We then headed back to the mission home to pick up an Elder that we took to a bus station because he was headed home to El Salvador. I slept about 25 minutes that night.
We also went to the airport this morning to take a missionary home.
I am pretty exhausted but hey, If you have desires to serve God, ye are called to the WORK.
And WORK it is...

We have been so blessed and I am grateful to be here in the office with Elder Coronado.
Many blessings we have received, and the Lord continues to help me grow here in the office and in my area.

Well something that I learned this week was a quote I read in a Liahona that says "They are commandments, not suggestions". Isn't that so true? I used that in a lesson yesterday with a family that we are reactivating and I think they understood the message very well.
God doesn't ask us to do certain things, He commands us, and it is as simple as that.

I love you all, glad to hear you had a great trip and that you all enjoyed the Sacred Grove so much. i will definitely have to go out to visit Courtney when I get back! ROAD TRIP.

Love, Elder Nathan Russell Walton
The 3th level at the airport

New Office Crew

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