Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Best Bday Ever

Well besides the fact that it has rained everyday this week, i am still shaking off the flu, and some members made some really dumb decisions that caused investigators to get really offended, our week ended up really great. Despite the trials and obstacles that the Lord put in our path, we were able to work together and I have seen so many blessings and miracles in these last two weeks with Elder Stuart. It really is an honor to be his trainer.

We had a lot to do this week to prepare for Carlos` baptism, along with our talks that we prepared for sacrement meeting.
This week we had to opportunity to do a lot of service. We helped a member build a porch for Carlos. It wasnt easy to balance the time between service and our studies, but we got all accomplished.

Well I have lots of good stories that I would like to share from this week, but I guess I will just get to good stuff. Yesterday was the baptism of Carlos. Usually with the baptisms I have had, Satan always tries to screw everything up, but yesterday ran so smoothly I honestly couldnt believe it. We went and got Carlos and pushed him up and down a bunch of hills to church in the morning because the members who usually bring him in a car couldnt yesterday... okay, i guess that was Satan trying to stop us, but he didnt try hard enough ;)

Carlos was so prepared and ready to be baptized, Elder Stuart and I honestly feel like we didnt do much. Like i told you guys last week, we invited him to pray and ask God when he should be baptized, and two days later he told us that 28th was the day.
I honestly cant believe how much Carlos reminds me of my first convert, Salvador. They have so much in common. They love reading the book of mormon, they both have leg problems, and their personalities are so similiar. I have been telling Stuart all week how his first convert is just like mine.
We had the priviledge to carry him into and out of the font. After the ordinance I was able to cradle him and carry him into the bathroom to change, and the spirit was so strong.

yesterday we went to go visit him in the afternoon and he told us how he received his answer. He said they day we shared Alma 32 with him, it made him think a lot about what God wanted for him. He prayed that night, and after saying amen, he told us that he felt as if the Lord was telling him, do it now, you are ready.


I love you all so much, and thank you for all the birthday wishes. Yesterday was so amazing and I will never forget it! Love you all, you are the best.

love, elder nathan russell walton.

ps. For those that read my blog, you may notice that I mention baptisms, but there are no photos. i asked my sister Courtney to not publish them, but if you would like to see some of the pictures, feel free to email her!

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